Category: Alien Plot Clearing

Clearing aliens from public green spaces

A need for follow up clearing of aliens from public spaces is reaching crisis proportions. During 2018-2020 the clearing of alien vegetation from over 20ha of public spaces in Fisherhaven [...]
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Clearing alien plants in Fisherhaven

The clearing of alien plants in Fisherhaven was part of the Botfriends Challenge with the updated data presented in a previous post. Areas were rated in terms of their level [...]
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How to clear alien plants

How to clear alien plants, a preliminary report finalised in an update on data from the Bot Challenge and part of the Biodiversity and biological invasions of Ward 8. Alien [...]
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Clearing exotics within suburban areas

Clearing exotics within suburban areas is a brief initial document superseded by a more comprehensive document on dealing with invasive species in the whole Fisherhaven Hawston area. This was also [...]
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