Greenheart projects, now based in Sedgefield, Knysna is available for contact for consultations on building/construction and environmental management projects.

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The Greenheart BLOG pages contain over 90 posts on environmentally related matters OR building related matters. For a full list of posts pick a category from the Home page or one of the sub-categories.

To access Greenheart website Home Page click here. If you wish to find more about Building/Construction Management, or more about Environmental Assessment & Planning, or more about Plot clearing of Alien Species.

Should you be interested in previous environmental posts then look at Greenheart Website history. Greenheart also has a Facebook page with short posts on topical issues. For building and construction history look at MNA Enterprises building website.

Very challenging building management and environmental planning sold at a good profit before completion and finished to new owners specifications.
Luxury house with a rim flow pool over the garage built from the ground, on a difficult site
Local eco-system with good Fynbos and ocean protected with high biodiversity due to good environmental planning.
Environmental assessment and planning resulting in high biodiversity in the Kogelberg

Contact Greenheart Projects directly at [email protected] for building or environmental planning or plot clearing of alien species.

MNA Enterprises website has past projects of building/construction projects. With over 28 years of delivering quality building on time and within budget because of effective building management on difficult projects.

Greenheart projects takes the hassle out of your building projects, ranging from additions to complex homes and small estates. The owner of Greenheart Projects delivers completed projects. These projects included, design stage, costing and planning, implementation and overall management of specialists and subcontractors.

Greenheart Projects understands potential problems and risk analysis and does dynamic follow ups of progress. As a result, this saves clients’ money in the long run, as Greenheart has repeatedly demonstrated in the past.

A summary of the work done, data collected and posts by Botfriends is available here. These included eco-assessment and planning projects and clearing alien species from public land. These were successful and extremely cost effective because they include thorough assessments and range from integrating the built environment such as your home into the local environment or garden to farm scale projects and public open spaces.

Michael Austin also does plot clearing of alien, invasive species in the local area of the Sedgefield/Knysna area, very cost effectively.

Greenheart projects, now based in Sedgefield, Knysna is available for consultations on building /construction and environmental management projects, contact Michael.

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