Month: November 2019

Botfriends Newsletter Nov/Dec 2019 to Oct 18

Botfriends Newsletter history Nov/Dec 2019 to Oct 2018. Botfriends produces a monthly newsletter with brief comments on current environmental issues. These Botfriends newsletters constitute a history and summary of activity [...]
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Separate financial plan BACP

An initial separate financial plan was drawn up for the BACP, the gist of which is included in the Business Case for the Botfriends Alien Clearing Program Business case. This [...]
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Notes on the Paddavlei in Hawston

Notes on the Paddavlei, Hawston include a visit from Heidi Nieuwoudt from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), the reports on the Paddavlei Joint Action Team (PJAT) instigated by the [...]
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A CHALLENGE FROM OUR COMMUNITY LEADERS: working toward a cleaner environment ( originally published 26 June 20219) Botfriends can do clearing of invasive species economically and very effectively: clearing on [...]
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Paddavlei summary rehabilitation report

Summary of the Paddavlei Ecosystem Rehabilitation report M N Austin The Paddavlei wetland was once a balanced, stable, self-sustaining, wetland ecosystem providing numerous services to the local community.  That was [...]
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