Botfriends Newsletter Nov/Dec 2019 to Oct 18

Botfriends Newsletter history Nov/Dec 2019 to Oct 2018.

Botfriends produces a monthly newsletter with brief comments on current environmental issues. These Botfriends newsletters constitute a history and summary of activity which Botfriends is currently involved in.

Unfortunately, Botfriends is no longer functional, the email address no longer exists and Botfriends website seems to have been closed. I have rescued 64 posts to the website. Submissions which seem relevant to the Bot River estuary or environs can be submitted to [email protected].

There are 20 newsletters available from October 2018 to October 2020

Local flora dealt with in a Botfriends newsletter
Local Flora

Botfriends Newsletter November/December 2019

Issues in the Newsletter include:

Xmas trees available.

The threat of fire – a letter to the OSM

The Botfriends Alien Clearing Program BACP – taking back the wetlands

Botfriends Newsletter October 2019

Botfriends Newsletter history does include some newsletters from many years ago

Local flora in one of the newsletters
Spider orchid

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