Botfriends Newsletter June/July 2020

Botfriends newsletter June/July 2020. Botfriends produces a monthly newsletter with brief comments on current environmental issues. These Botfriends newsletters constitute a summary of activity which Botfriends is currently involved in.

Unfortunately, Botfriends is no longer functional, the email address no longer exists and Botfriends website seems to have been closed. I have rescued 64 posts to the website. Submissions which seem relevant to the Bot River estuary or environs can be submitted to [email protected].

There are 20 newsletters available from October 2018 to October 2020

Issues in the Botfriends Newsletter June/July 2020 are:

AGM still postponed due to lock down.

2020-2021 membership due since April

Lamloch fence

Clearing aliens ongoing

Aliens— Biochar— Job creation article

Donations needed/ Bird cards/Recycling.

Afdaks Farm Stall

Have you checked out our revamped website: Take a look – there are a number of informative articles there and some stunning photographs, and Facebook page

Latest post on the Estuary Breach with stunning Pictures, Videos and comments

Into the new decade and everything is not so rosy, little did we know about Covid, in the middle of lockdowns and economic destruction. Botfriends main concerns are the estuary management, things were changing rapidly in the estuary. The continued invasions of alien species into wetlands and the destruction of wetlands is ongoing and is a major concern to Botfriends and anybody who cares for the environment.

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