Rainfall Fisherhaven January 2022

Rainfall for Fisherhaven Overberg as recorded from 2017 to 2022. The rainfall for January 2022, as recorded for Fisherhaven was extremely low, only 1.5mm, the previous amount of rain of any substance was the beginning of December 2021. It is now 2 months since there was anything more than a few drip and drops and the plants are showing the effects. The indigenous vegetation is still holding up well, adapted to little or no rain in the hot dry months of December and January.

The good rains of of 2021 raised the water table very well, but it has now dropped back to very low. Seeps have dried up, although the dams are still full.

Rainfall for Fisherhaven as recorded from 2017 to Jan 2022.
Rainfall for Fisherhaven as recorded from 2017 to Jan. 2022

The rainfall for 2021 exceeded the previous highest rainfall for a year in Fisherhaven (previous best was 2007) as shown on the second graph. This was mainly from the very good rainfall in May 2021, one of the highest monthly figures ever.

Hopefully, the rainfall for Fisherhaven, Overberg will improve in February 2022.

The previous post on rainfall was in May 2021 on the website and is published monthly on the Greenheart Facebook page with comments. It is interesting to note that some of the indigenous plants have died due to to much water from last year, but the dry 2 months has halted that trend and some plants are now recovering. Generally, even the indigenous plants grew well last year and there was excessive growth in alien species such as Port Jackson. Many seedlings from last year are now standing more than a metre high, with solid bushy plants. I suspect they will be flowering in spring and producing seed. They normally take at least 2 years before they seed. The competition from indigenous vegetation was reduced with the good rains and so there was more germination from the seedbank in the soil of invasive plants.

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