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The CEO of Greenheart Projects, Michael Austin, has written, co-authored or contributed to a number of publications on environmental aspects. These all appeared on the Botfriends website, built and owned by Mike in his volunteer role as chairperson of Botfriends. Now on Greenheart as Botfriends website seems to have disappeared. The latest is in Arabella homeowners newsletter, followed by a Village News publication discussing the owners of Greenheart.

The Village News edition of 26 Feb-4 March is an article on, ‘Estuaries and Wetlands- Lets preserve them together’, submitted by Klaus Schmitt. An earlier article appeared in The Village News edition of 13-19 March 2018 entitled: ‘Invasive Plant Species are not water-wise’, produced by Mike and Bruce Bayer. An educational pamphlet on the common invasive species in the area was produced and distributed.

Mike helped with founding a group called the Paddavlei Eco Group (PEG), this consists of mostly members of Hawston concerned with the environmental aspects of the Paddavlei. The Paddavlei is a wetland with a permanent open body of water feeding a unique Milkwood Forest. This Milkwood Forest is established on a sand dune which partly blew into the Paddavlei. An environmental report was written by Mike (2017) for PEG and the Hawston Development Association (HDA). This report was on the ecosystem of the Paddavlei – Skilpadsvlei and surrounding wetland ecosystem. This report was workshopped by the DEA&DP Western Cape in 2017. They also did a review and a presentation of the report. Cornerstone Environmental Consultants did a Management plan of the Paddavlei in November 2020, for the Overstrand Municipality (OSM). Mike contributed information and data towards this plan.

Paddavlei project

PEG had a small funding project on the Paddavlei and involved the Whale Coast Conservation group in a study. They reported on this in their Newsletter in November 2020 entitled Paddavlei Revival on page 4. The Paddavlei has deteriorated in the last decade from a lack of management. There is still much work required to rehabilitate the Paddavlei. This is proceeding, albeit slowly. Unfortunately the Skilpadsvlei section together with its wetlands has deteriorated much further in the last four years.

Numerous other short reports, publications, comments and articles are available on a range of environmental subjects on the Bot River Estuary breach, fire as a natural force in this environment, alien species removal, biodiversity and biological invasions.

Mike conducted a survey and detailed report of the geology and the state of invasive species of the surrounding areas of the Bot River Estuary in 2018.

Most of these publications on environmental aspects have been repeated on this website. Ongoing environmental articles will appear on the blog page OR under categories with its sub-categories on the right hand side of the Greenheart Home page.

All the publications are based on the Bot River Estuary and its surrounds
A view of the Bot Estuary and its surround which the publications on Greenheart deal with

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